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We will make an advertisement movie for you
... or a movie about your company
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We will make a movie for you

We will make a movie for you

Are you looking for a professionally shot advertising film? You've come to the right place. You have no idea for a movie? We will prepare a scenario for you and take care of its implementation. Use the huge potential of movies in the marketing of your company.

Filming from a drone

Filming from a drone

Supplementing the film with aerial shots increases the attractiveness and influences the positive reception of the material. We have all the necessary permissions, and we also have high-quality equipment that allows you to create unique shots with a drone.


Image films

We create image films about your brand. We will shoot a video presenting your business, employees and resources. We will give the film the right atmosphere so as to present your clients with all the values according to which you run your business.


Video coverage of the events

We will make a report of important events for you. We will provide interviews, a teacher and audio. We will assemble the whole thing so as to best reflect the nature of the event.


Product videos

A great way to present your product is to make a short product video. Such a film is able to present its most important features and show, for example, a part of the production or logistics process.



Animated films present the content that is important to us in an extremely accessible way. That is why we will create for you an advertising animation, tutorial, process visualization tailored to your needs.

Professional post-production

Professional post-production

Trust our experienced post-production team, thanks to which you will receive professionally prepared footage.

Advertising spots

Do you already have your own YouTube channel? Are you taking advantage of the opportunities offered by video advertising?

We will help you with this, we will shoot an advertisement for you and we will provide promotion. Video advertising has never been so accessible!


We can offer video coverage, advertising films, image films, product films, animations, drone filming services. We use modern equipment that enables the editing of movies in 4K format in high-quality image and sound , we use modern film techniques such as timelapse, hyperlapse, creative shots from the so-called gimbal or other stabilizers, as well as shots from the drone. 


Don't have a script? No problem! We will write a script for you, taking into account our full film potential. We will take care of the comprehensive production of the film, we will provide the necessary equipment, we will take care of every detail. We will provide editing and post-production, we will prepare ready-made files with films for various applications. Thanks to modern solutions, based on the so-called cloud, you are able to receive the material within moments of its completion.


Are you wondering how to prepare for the production of an image film ? There is nothing to be afraid of! Our experienced staff will take care of the preparations, we will train your employees to navigate on the set and in front of the camera, and we will even provide advertising clothing with your logo. If it is necessary, we will provide make-up and provide tips on how to prepare, so that the shooting of the material is smooth, effective and at the same time in a pleasant atmosphere :)


Would you like to create a product video, but you don't know how to go about it? Send them to us. We will make a film in our studio in which your products will "play" the main role.


Do you want to record a manual or a tutorial ? Let us do it. We will take care of its implementation, we will shoot and edit a film, we will put subtitles or a voiceover in it.


Filming from the Warsaw drone

Do you need someone to take drone shots for you? Or maybe you need to record an advertising film using a drone? You've come to the right place! We offer a drone filming service that provides high image quality in 4K resolution. Our series "We will film your business" are films presenting your headquarters, factory or place of sale. These can be production plants, halls and warehouses, gas stations, logistics centers, factories or offices. In addition to filming with a drone, we recommend adding high-quality shots from the ground, which will additionally enrich the film. You will receive a ready-made movie from us, along with editing and background music. We have all the necessary permissions and licenses, and each flight is prepared in detail and checked by us in terms of the airspace and safety of operations in a given area. We obtain the necessary approvals to perform drone flight operations.

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Videos for social media

We also run video campaigns on various websites, including YouTube , Facebook and Instagram. We create and run video channels for companies on social media. We also create the so-called video reports in the form of films or animations for the needs of websites such as Facebook or Instagram.


See also our channel on filmy reklamowe warszawa


Selected projects - advertising films Warsaw, as well as Poland and Europe.


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