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Ecological bags with print

Our bags are made of high-quality ecological materials, such as organic cotton and biodegradable fibers, which makes them not only durable but also environmentally friendly. By choosing them, you actively participate in reducing waste and taking care of our planet.

Logo prints on our bags are a unique way to stand out and leave a lasting impression in the memory of customers or business partners. The individual nature of the print allows for personalization, adaptation to the brand image and creation of unique designs that attract attention.

Eco shopping bags with logo

Eco shopping bags with logo

Thanks to our durable shopping bags with your logo printed on them, made of high-weight organic cotton, each of your purchases takes on a new, eco-stylish dimension. Our bags not only protect the environment, but also represent strength and durability thanks to their solid workmanship.

Their fabric weight (gsm) is 270 g/m² and their dimensions are 39 x 42 x 13 cm.

 Cotton Eco Bags XL

Cotton Eco Bags XL

Express your care for the environment with our shopping bags, which not only show concern for the planet, but also represent durability and style. The logo on the bags is not just a marking, but a way to communicate your commitment to caring for the environment, while combining comfort and durability. The presented XL cotton bags have a weight 475 g/m² and dimensions 56 x 41 x 16 cm

Cotton wine bags

Cotton wine bags

A modern and stylish fabric bag for wine with a high fabric weight, made of organic cotton, is a perfect alternative to boxes and paper bags. Our bag is not only a practical packaging for wine bottles, but also an expression of an ecological approach to everyday life. The high fabric weight of cotton (407g/m2 ) makes the bag durable, solid and resistant to damage, which guarantees long-term use of this product. The organic cotton our bag is made of comes from environmentally friendly crops. Their dimensions are 8 x 27 x 8 cm.


Organic cotton backpacks

Organic cotton backpacks

Ecological backpacks made of extremely thick, organic cotton with a fabric weight of 340 g/m² are a perfect combination of solidity, aesthetics and functionality. They are not only a practical tool for storage and transport, but also an effective form of promotion for any type of business.

Bags with colorful handles

Bags with colorful handles

We offer natural cotton bags with colorful handles. Such a detail will certainly highlight the values of your brand .

Available ear colors:






The bags have fabric weight (gsm)140 g/m² and size 38 x 42 cm.

Economical cotton shopping bags

Economical cotton shopping bags

We also offer economical cotton shopping bags, which are perfect for promotional purposes. Their fabric weight (gsm) is 90 g/m² and their dimensions are 38 x 42 cm.



At a time when caring for the environment is becoming a priority, choosing ecological alternatives is not only a fashionable gesture, but above all an active step towards social responsibility. Our eco-friendly bags with logo print are not only an expression of sustainability, but also a perfect combination of style and functionality.


A practical and stylish solution for presenting your logo

Our bags with a logo print are not only an ecological accessory, but also an excellent advertising medium. By wearing bags with your logo, customers become natural brand ambassadors, promoting it in everyday situations. This is not only an effective form of marketing, but also a conscious choice that emphasizes care for the environment.

The bags have practical handles, solid seams and a functional interior, which makes them an ideal solution both for everyday use and for special events or conferences. Available in various shapes, colors and sizes, they allow you to tailor the product to your individual needs, which makes them a versatile and attractive element of any advertising campaign.


Ecological bags with a logo print as a fashionable gadget

Our cotton and polyester bags with a logo print are not only a fashionable accessory, but also a conscious choice for environmental protection. Thanks to them, your company not only contributes to positive changes, but also gains new opportunities for promotion and building a positive image. Introduce sustainable solutions into your business strategy, while caring for the planet and inspiring others to do the same.


How to order printed bags?

To order our ecological bags with print, just send us a graphic file with your logo. After receiving the file, we will prepare a visualization for you and send it for approval. After obtaining your consent, we begin the printing process, ensuring the highest quality and compliance with expectations.



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