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We design, manufacture and assemble boards, signs, coffers, 3D letters and more ...
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Illuminated cassettes

Illuminated cassettes

We specialize in illuminated panels on which we will present your logotype. We can also design a signboard in the form of a board with a logo or illuminated spatial letters. An attractive solution is also presenting the logotype using traditional or LED neon lights. This technique is used both outside and inside offices or service premises. We will select the appropriate technique for your logotype. Design, visualization, printing and assembly made for you.

Plexiglass spatial logotypes

Plexiglass spatial logotypes

Internal logotypes are an excellent form of logo presentation and diversify the branding of the office. They are recommended for both small and large companies. They are an ideal opportunity to present the company's image. Their most important advantage is the attractive price and ease of installation, virtually anywhere in your office. We especially recommend the installation of the logotype at the reception desk or in conference rooms. We have been making designs, visualizations, printing and assembly of logos for years, which are very popular among companies. It is actually a "must have" for the interior of every company.

Boards with a logo on the wall

Boards with a logo on the wall

Boards with a logo on the wall and information boards can be made of plexiglass, dibond, PVC or glass. Such boards are also useful in marking rooms or in building marking systems. Printed boards have a number of uses. We will adjust the plates to your needs. We will prepare the design, visualization, print it and install it.

Illuminated logotypes

Illuminated logotypes

Presenting the logotype and letters in a spatial form gives us the opportunity to add a backlight function, thanks to which our logotype looks even more effective. Such a solution is recommended both inside and outside the company.

Neon signs

Neon signs

We will design and make neon lights. Neon lights catch the eye and give a unique atmosphere.

Both traditional, glass and LED neon lights. The photo shows the implementation of an internal neon sign for Pizzeria Pulcinella in Piaseczno near Warsaw.

Creative solutions

Creative solutions

We can present the illuminated logos in a creative way: on panels made of artificial vegetation, on reindeer moss, panels made of raw wood, etc. Please contact us - we will select the best solution for you.

Branding and marking of buildings - Warsaw

We provide comprehensive external and internal branding of offices and service premises. We deal with comprehensive design of external and internal signage, and then the production and assembly of all elements. We also cover display cases , walls and glazing in offices. Our company is located in Warsaw, but we carry out projects all over Poland. Our clients are both large companies and the smallest one-man businesses. We invite you to contact us and cooperate.

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