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We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wrapping and sticking offer:

Car stickers

Car stickers

Do you need to mark your company cars with your logo? We stick both individual vehicles and entire fleets. Wrapping vehicles with your logotype is the most economical form of advertising. Recommended for both small and large companies. We make projects, prepare visualization, as well as print and wrap cars.

Wrapping buses

Wrapping buses

We design and install veneers for buses, coaches and vans. Thanks to the use of high-class materials and professional assembly, the veneers will be perfect for demanding environments and will be an attractive form of advertising your company.

Labeling of tanks and trucks

Labeling of tanks and trucks

We make veneers for tanks, semi-trailers, tractors, trucks, coaches, buses, specialist and delivery vehicles. We use only the highest quality materials that ensure durability during operation, even in the most difficult conditions. We use high-quality materials in the production and assembly of veneers . This allows us to implement even the most complex and demanding projects.


Vehicle fleet applauding

Do you have a fleet of vehicles that you want to wrap? Please contact us, we will prepare a special offer for you.

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We make professional designs and visualizations of car wraps. Thanks to the visualizations, you will see what your vehicle will look like after applying the wrapping.

Trust our experience

Trust our experience

Trust the knowledge and many years of experience of our team and we will implement the project together. Contact us!

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We invite you to take advantage of our comprehensive offer of vehicle wrapping, including cars, buses and tankers. At our center in Warsaw, we make every effort to meet the diverse needs of customers, offering comprehensive services of designing, printing and installing vehicle wraps. We would like to emphasize that we wrap vehicles using only the highest quality, very durable materials. Thanks to this, we ensure not only an aesthetic appearance, but also long-lasting and effective advertising.


Car wrapping

Whether it's a company car or an entire fleet of vehicles, our experience includes wrapping both individual vehicles and larger fleets. Wrapping cars with a company logo is not only an economical form of advertising, but also an effective tool for building brand recognition. Our team of professionals deals with the comprehensive process, including design, visualization, printing, and final installation of car wraps.


Wrapping buses and coaches

We also specialize in wrapping buses, coaches and delivery vehicles. Our wrapping designs are not only visually attractive, but also durable and resistant to various environmental conditions. We use high-quality materials, ensuring not only effective advertising, but also protection of paint and prints against external factors.


Sticking to tanks and trucks

For the transport industry, we offer wrapping for tanks (including food, fuel, LNG and LPG), semi-trailers, tractor units, and trucks. Our wraps are adapted to the most difficult operating conditions, while maintaining unique aesthetics. We use the highest quality materials, and our experience allows us to implement even the most complex projects.


Trust our experience

As a company that values direct contact and a friendly atmosphere, we offer not only professional services, but also excellent contact with our clients. Our team of experienced specialists approaches each project with passion, ensuring the correctness of logos and customer satisfaction at every stage of cooperation.


Contact us

We are located in Warsaw, but we provide our services throughout Poland and Europe. Contact us and we will prepare a special offer for you, tailored to your needs. Trust our experience and benefit from comprehensive service for your vehicle wrapping project.


Printing company stickers

Our offer also includes printing company stickers with logos, perfect for covering products, offices, walls, vehicles or packaging. We operate comprehensively, offering not only high quality materials, but also professional support at the design stage.

Below are our selected sticker printing projects:


If you have any questions, please contact us and we will help you choose the right solutions.


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